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We provide high-quality switch, socket and connector solutions, and are committed to providing customized services for electronic switch and connector modules.

Dongguan Haoyu Electronics Co., Ltd. is a high-quality supplier specializing in the development and production of electronic switches, sockets and connectors. Since the establishment of the factory in Dongguan in 2006, the factory was relocated to Shijie Town, Dongguan City, an important electronic town, for development in June 2011, with a workshop area of about 25000 square meters. The company has a good momentum of development and has acquired many factories in the same industry. At present, it has three factories and three brands;

At present, the main products are: XLR audio combo jack, MINI Slide switch, tact switch, push button switch, 2.5/3.5/6.35 phone jack, DC power jack, USB connector, connector socket, etc.; safety certified series products: rocker switch, rotary switch, AC inlet, micro switch, slide switch, etc.

The factory has a promising future. Equipped with tooling workshop, injection molding workshop, hardware workshop, assembly workshop and automation center, with the ability to develop and produce products independently. We are capable of high precision mold design, R&D and manufacturing, also receiving mold manufacturing orders.

Our products are widely used in electronic digital communication, domestic appliances, industrial control, smart home, medical equipment, security systems, instruments, computer peripherals and various electronic products, etc.

With the quality policy of "People-oriented, Technological Innovation, Continuous Improvement, Customer Satisfaction", the company serves customers with high quality products and makes every effort to meet customer needs in order to win customers' trust and affirmation, also to establish good cooperative relations with customers for long-term cooperation.

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