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When the tact switch is in use, lightly press the switch button to turn on the switch, and when the hand is released, the switch will be turned off, and its internal structure is realized by the force of the metal shrapnel. Tact switches are widely used in household appliances such as audio and video products, digital products, remote controls, communication products, household appliances, Security products, toys, computer products, fitness equipment, medical equipment, money detector pens, laser pen buttons, etc.

First of all, it is the base material of the pins. The base material of the pins of the tact switch is brass or phosphor bronze (the low-grade iron is iron). In order to reduce the contact resistance, the pins are basically silver-plated. The SO2 gas will be oxidized, which will directly affect the solderability and contact resistance of the switch, so the high-quality tact switch must firstly control the silver plating thickness and silver plating process of the base material of the pins. The key influencing factor of the conduction reliability is the structure of the contact point, because the function of the tact switch is to conduct contact between the contact point and the shrapnel, so the larger the contact surface of the contact point, the better, the contact surface is determined by the structure, there are about three types on the market. Structure, the order of advantages and disadvantages is as follows: large bubble (crater type), "O-type contact", slotted type "2-point contact", flat bubble type "1-point contact". The life and feel are determined by the stroke of the tact switch and the cooperation of the shrapnel. The shorter the stroke, the lighter the sound and the longer the life. The longer the stroke is, the opposite is true. In the case of a fixed shrapnel process, the stroke or sound mainly determines the tact switch. Life; in addition, the key factor that determines the life of the shrapnel is the stamping technology.

But the tact switch also has its shortcomings. Frequent pressing will cause the metal shrapnel to fatigue and lose elasticity and fail. Therefore, most of the buttons of electrical appliances are directly replaced by conductive rubber or dome switch hardware shrapnel, such as computer keyboards, remote controls, etc. A good tact switch is also very important for the life of the entire product. Such as computer keyboard, remote control and so on. If it is an inferior tact switch, after frequent pressing, the metal shrapnel will lose its elasticity and fail due to fatigue. Therefore, the selection of tact switches is very important. The main factors affecting the quality of the tact switch are the protection, solderability, conduction reliability, life, feel, production process and installation size of the tact switch. After the accessories are available, the final impact on the quality is the assembly process. The assembly process depends on the management ability of the production company, the quality intention of the employees, and the quality assurance ability. And machines, because the current automation capability is being improved, so each has its own advantages and disadvantages: the machine assembly cost is low but the product quality is low, the manual assembly cost is high but the quality is also high.

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