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Due to the criticality of its function, the tact switch needs to be checked for safety from time to time in daily use. Because many tact switches are internally connected to the entire circuit system or other control systems, which can be described as a general function, and the whole body is moved with one trigger, so the quality of the tact switch needs to be maintained and tested from time to time to prevent production needs. When quality problems occur, normal production work is affected and related losses are caused. The detection method of the tact switch is also very simple. Just touch it lightly and observe the stuttering feeling and the sensitivity of the response. Whether the tact switch is a large model or a small model, it can make people feel that the operation is simple and easy.

In addition, because the tact switch is relatively small and highly sensitive, be careful not to squeeze it hard during routine maintenance. Because of the tact switch, whether it is a control button on a precision instrument or a button on a simple huge machine, the principle is similar and the sensitivity is very high. Being squeezed will reduce the sensitivity of its own induction, and at the same time, people will also cause disgust in production and life. In this way, it will have a big impact on people's lives. The tact switch should not only pay attention to daily use, but also need to be preserved in daily life. Many large machines should also pay attention to moisture-proof when not in use to prevent the tact switch from aging and stuck.

Furthermore, many materials of the tact switch have the effect of dustproof and electric isolation, so care should be taken to maintain them during daily use. Because this not only touches on normal production problems, but also affects production safety. It has caused hidden dangers to personal safety and property safety, so in this way, the tact switch seems to be small but extremely important. People can start with the tact switch, the insulation material, to eliminate many hidden dangers in production. Therefore, in the daily maintenance and inspection, people pay attention to whether the tact switch has become fragile and deteriorated due to time aging, or the sensitivity has decreased, or cracked and other quality problems. Because the function of the tact switch is very critical, there can be no quality problems.

Finally, once the tact switch is found to be malfunctioning, do not disassemble it without authorization. Many people find that the tact switch is not sensitive enough, and they open the machine for maintenance without authorization. In fact, this is a very risky approach. First of all, there is no professional maintenance environment. Many high-end electrical products need to be unpacked in a dust-isolated environment, because dust will have a conductive effect. Therefore, the detection and maintenance of light touch opening must be carried out in a special environment. Secondly, the sensitivity of the tact switch is high, and attention should be paid to preventing secondary damage during detection. It is best to have professional operating tools to assist.

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